Aurora Polaris Screensaver

Aurora Polaris Screensaver

Free An animated screensaver featuring a view of the Aurora Polaris
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The Aurora Polaris is an optic phenomenon produced by the collision between the charged atomic particles from the Sun against the ionosphere, which is the outermost layer of the atmosphere. This phenomenon produces a spectacular light show, which can be observed mainly near the magnetic poles of the Earth. If you want to have an animated view of this natural phenomenon on your desktop, then you may like to download this screensaver. It features a colorful animated scene of an aurora polaris with a snowy background. Although the animation effect is very basic, it does convey the "feeling" of this phenomenon.
You can access the settings of the program through a control panel, which also lets you set the screensaver's background as your default wallpaper. The Settings option lets you enable/disable the sound effects and music, as well as set the quality of the DirectX function. Also, you can choose to show or hide the clock when the screensaver is active. If you decide to show it, you can choose in which corner of the screen you want it to appear.
A disadvantage of this screensaver is the fact that you need to let the installation wizard to install the ScreensaversList toolbar and to change your browser's startup page. If you don't mind these inconveniences, then you may enjoy this program.

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  • In order to install the program, you need to install the ScreensaversList toolbar and let the program change your browser's home page



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